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Custom Banner Stand Shipping Cases | Custom Light-Duty Banner Stand Cases | Heavy-Duty Banner Stand Cases

Our custom light duty ABS Banner Stand cases are designed and manufactured to provide protection when hand carrying and shipping your equipment. Our Light duty cases are constructed of tough, .098 ABS plastic, thermo-formed to shape. Light Duty cases are extremely rugged and durable, but, as the name implies, they’re much lighter than traditional ATA shipping cases.

We can custom manufacture your Light Duty carrying and shipping case to your specifications in any size and quantity. We can also customize the interior of your case or just foam line or carpet your case. *These cases are not waterproof. Let us know the model and make along with your dimensions and weight of your Banner Stand/s and if anything else is going into the case.

Please Provide the Dimensions of the Item(s) that will be shipped when Requesting a Quote for your custom banner stand case.

Light-Duty Banner Stand Case Specifications

Light Duty cases are made of tough, .098 ABS plastic thermo-formed to shape without wood. While extremely rugged and durable, they are much lighter in weight. Light duty cases are especially suited for hand carrying and shipping under most normal conditions.

  1. High impact .098 ABS plastic body
  2. Stamped, nickel-plated steel corner protection
  3. Dust-proof, extruded aluminum interlocking valance
  4. Nickel-plated steel split rivets
  5. Stainless steel blind rivets
  6. Shock-absorbing polyester and/or polyethylene foam interior
Custom Banner Stand Options:
  1. Light or Heavy Duty Construction available
  2. Tilt-Wheels
  3. Pull-out Handles
  4. Locks
  5. Anti-Static Foam
Custom Light Duty Banner Stand Case with Wheels
Custom Light Duty Banner Stand Case Interior
Custom Heavy Duty Banner Stand Case with Carry Handle
Custom Heavy Duty Banner Stand Case